Wholesale Enquiry

Our passion is to produce the best product possible, so you and your customers can enjoy high-quality cold-pressed juices.

For cafes wishing to sell fresh juice who are busy or dissatisfied with the costs, mess and waste associated with making their own, our juices are fresh, cold-pressed and non-heat treated.

  • Our brand is uniquely focused on emotional well-being and plant-based nutrition.
  • Cold-pressed from whole fruits, vegetables, Sourced from local suppliers around WA.
  • 7 Day shelf life for juices from the day you receive them.
  • Cold Pressed in small batches to maintain all the nutrients extracted from the fruits and vegetables. We use 11 tonnes of pressure to squeeze the juice out. This avoids drawing air into the juice, and there is no heat involved. This all minimizes oxidation. Pressing extracts more juice than other methods too, so you get not only more juice but more nutrients.
  • All our juices are available in 250ml, 375ml and 1 litre glass bottles, 2litre and 5 litre plastic gallons. 
  • Unbranded option available - where you can rename, brand the juice as "Your Own" and receive the bottles and gallon without our logo.  
  • We press fresh every Mondays and Thursdays and deliver to you on Tuesday morning and Friday mornings. From the time we press the juice to the time you receive it, the juice is always stored under 3degrees. It will travel to you in a refrigerated van. We take pride in maintaining the quality of our juice. 
  • We do not add any water, Vitamin C, or any added nasties to our juices. Just pure fruit and veg! 


Email us now at info@thejuicist.com.au or call us on 0401 651 769

And we will get in touch with you with a free sample pack for you to taste. (Must have ABN to qualify for wholesale)