Tasting Pack (16 flavours)

Tasting Pack (16 flavours)

First time buyer on our website?

This is the best way for you to taste all 16 of our flavours! 

You get all these in our cute 250ml size bottles

1 x Straight Navel Oranges (OJ)

1 x Apple & Lemon (AJ)

1 x Watermelon Mix (S4)

1 x Strawberry Sunrise (S3)

1 x Pink Dreams (D1)

1 x Strong Greens (G1)

1 x Tangy Passion (O2)

1 x Sweet Greens (G5)

1 x Ginger Green (G4)

1 x Orange Reboot (O1)

1 x Orange Refresher (O3)

1 x Tropical Orange (O5)

1 x ABC (R1)

1 x Orange Reboot (R4)

1 x Red Roots (R3)

1 x Winter Warmer