About The Juicist

THE JUICIST is about making raw juice in its most pure form. from farm to bottle with as little interference as possible. we source organically grown produce primarily from local farmers and use the cold-press method to extract nutrient rich juice. all of our juice is made in small batches with a huge amount of effort paid to preserving the life force that exists within produce.

Cold-pressed, nutrient rich, organic

COLD PRESSED the cold-pressed method keeps produce alive by preserving the structure of enzymes and reduces exposure to oxygen while making juice. simply put – it’s the best tasting juice delivering the most nutrients to your body. We use angel and norwalk juicers.

NUTRIENT RICH our focus is to create drinks made from living and nutrient rich produce. we use native plants, greens picked within 24 hours, fermented food and variety of funky methods to achieve the same thing. juice with capacity to heal. we stand by our commitment of farm to bottle and we are always working on faster ways to get produce from the farmers to our press.

ORGANIC produce that is worth the squeeze. we use certified organic produce from awesome farmers. we’re in the business of making great juice and cleansing – so we need the best produce grown in soil that is free of chemicals and abundant with a variety of minerals.


SUSTAINABILITY all of our juice is glass bottled. no nasty plastic or bpa chemicals used here. not only that, we are reducing travel and supporting local by using Australian made glassware. It’s not cheap, or easy. But neither are we.

Pulp makes amazing compost. Farmers need compost to grow amazing produce. We need amazing produce. The story writes itself. We close the loop by returning all organic produce back to the soils that grow our fruits and vegies – and not to landfill. We even have an on site entourage of worms used for getting that pulp ready for the soil.

If it’s not glass, it’s biodegradable packaging. All of our straws, cups and lids are compostable. The earth doesn’t need any more rubbish on the ground!

We encourage our drinkers to recycle glassware. We love giving you juice credits on the glassware you lovingly return to us. BUT right now, due to our loss of premises, we've hit pause on the refunds on glassware and instead offer you epic ideas to use your glasses at home. Think HB pencils, mini flowers, fresh herbs and even tea light candles. 

Kegs are king and by using kegs we manage to further reduce the amount of packaging we use. All of our sparkling water is transported in kegs and not in bottles. If you like, you can even buy our juice in kegs!

more info? contact daniel grochowski | 0402 825 312 | info@thejuicist.com.au


The Juicist Pty Ltd

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