Cooling off - Events

Jeez Perth sure knows how to hold on to that amazing weather. Sure we have had some wild wind and rainy days in the last few week but it always amazes me how good Perth looks this time of year. The air is clean, the sun keeps on beaming and the beaches look so damn good almost all the time.

I am writing about this today because I have time. Not because I love the cold weather or because Perth isn't particularly beautiful all year round, but because we are the end of our border line insanity creating events season. With that, we won't be dragging our trailer in to every single music festival, farmers market, expo and community events we hear about. Rather, we will be living life a little more, enjoying the world on the weekends and perhaps pouring a little more of these good vibes into our juice.

The events will always role on though and if you would like to catch our trailer or pop-ups take a look at out Facebook and Instagram feeds. We will post all happening to Facebook and in the near future have some opening with the trailer at Leighton Beach on Sundays and Leederville Farmers Market commencing soon as well South Fremantle markets every now and then. We are also taking a break from Palmyra Farmers Market on Sundays.

Know of any other events you would like to see us at? Drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.

Hope you all enjoy the world with new eyes as the cooling weather can create some pretty sweet sites.


Daniel Grochowski
Daniel Grochowski